We assist our clients in avoiding tax pitfalls, as well as assist in the efficient structuring of transactions to avoid overpayment of tax obligations. Our aim is to add value for our clients by reducing overall tax costs.

Our business knowledge coupled with our tax law knowledge uniquely positions us to provide practical and workable solutions that not only accomplish our clients’ tax objectives but also can be integrated from a business perspective in a tax-efficient manner. Our multi-disciplinary, broad-based approach enables us to analyze issues from multiple viewpoints to help ensure that our clients receive relevant and practical tax advice. Also, we constantly monitor the legislative activity to ensure that our tax advice is current and appropriate.

We provide our clients with a broad range of tax services, including tax planning in connection with both domestic and international transactions. We also assist business owners regarding their personal income, estate, gift and wealth transfer matters. Among the services offered, include planning for:

  • Individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations
  • Sales, acquisitions, mergers, redemptions and liquidations
  • Real estate ventures
  • Structuring foreign investment in the United States
  • Foreign businesses structuring their United States operations
  • U.S. investment abroad

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